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Concert - Fancelli Quartet
23 october 2020




Friday, 23 october 2020


Massimo Santostefano- bandoneon
Valentina Palazzari- violino
Samuele Settimi - contrabass
Carlo Stoppoloni - piano
Anita Cillis - ballerina
Emiliano Naticchioni - ballerino


21:00 (entrance at 20:30)
Auditorium Centro Congressi SGM
Via Portuense, 741, 00148 Roma RM


Fancelli Quartet was born from the musical affinity of four friends, from the desire to enhance the work of Luciano Fancelli and from the attempt to visit and revisit different musical styles and languages ​​in a modern key. Luciano Fancelli, a refined accordionist and above all a fine musician, was among the first to ferry the accordion from a popular instrument to a medium to express all the complexity of a well-structured, evolved, cultured and at the same time accessible to all music. He was the first to transfer “classic” thought into a “young” instrument without a definitive form but also for this reason a “dynamic” and stylistically flexible instrument. Many authors and performers of this instrument refer to him. Later the literature will develop above all in Russia around the Slavic variant of the instrument: the bajan, with authors such as Solotariov or Zubitsky but this is another story.

Innovative and classic training at the same time where passion and lucidity chase each other on the fast pace of “Calambre” to find yourself in the absolute and disturbing magic of “Escualo” and melt into the perfection of “Los Suenos”.

The very original interpretation of the sound jewels included in the "Despues de tango" project, from the poignant delicacy of "Oblivion" to the sweet despair of "Adios Nonino", made possible the sensibility, dedication and absolute professionalism of the musicians inspired important contemporary authors who wanted to dedicate original compositions to the ensemble. The group has numerous television appearances; among all we remember “Don Matteo”, “Che Dio ci aiuti” and “Una pallottola nel cuore”.


1. Astor Piazzolla - Ciquilin de Bachin
2. Carlos Gardel - Volver
3. Jesus Ventura - A La gran Muneca
4- Astor Piazzolla - Inverno Porteno
5. Santos Lipesker - Milonga para violines
6. Feliciano Brunelli - Illusion de mi vida
7. Astor Piazzolla - Milonga en re
8. Luis Bacalov - Il Postino
9- Matos Rodriguez - La Cumparsita
10. Richard Galliano - Tango pour Claude
11. Astor Piazzolla —Jeanne y Paul
12 .Gato Barbieri - Ultimo tango a Parigi
13. Astor Piazzolla - Oblivion
14. Astor Piazzolla - Libertango